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Size Matters: The Unspoken Truths of Women's Cycling Apparel

Size Matters: The Unspoken Truths of Women's Cycling Apparel

Ever tried squeezing into a cycling jersey that's tighter than your budget for bike upgrades? At Muze Women, we know one size doesn't fit all especially when it comes to the diverse, fabulous world of women’s cycling apparel.

The Myth of 'One Size Fits All’

If 'one size fits all' was true, we'd all be wearing the same size shoes, and let's be honest, Cinderella's story would've been really boring. Jokes aside, we're serious about catering to every curve and contour of the female cyclist.

We hired an anthropometric expert (that’s professor-speak for someone that studies the human body) to do our own study with a large group of women of different shapes and sizes and studied them from head to toe and boob to butt to get our sizing, patterns, shapes, cuts and prints just right for your body shape.

Decoding the Sizing Chart – Muze Style with a nifty app

Not everyone has a tape measure to hand every time you want to shop, so we have this nifty sizing tool on every cycling clothing page so you can enter some standard questions about your height, weight, whether you’ve got a flat chest or curvy thighs, and voila … it spits out a size recommendation. 

Then, if you want to be absolutely sure it’s right and you just happen to have a measuring tape in your back pocket, you can pop those in, too. For those who want absolute certainty, you can contact us and we will be only too happy to help with some "in human" advice. 

Navigating the sizing numbers : Muze 6-16 women’s fashion sizing not the dreaded XS - XL

If you’ve ever had to shop in the kids’ section up top and the curvy section down below, you’ll know how inconsistent sizing is across female fashion. And cycling’s no different. Most women end up ping-ponging between sizes, brands and patterns in the search for that elusive ‘perfect fit’. Only to end up looking like a paper mâché art project. You deserve better.

With Muze, most women know their normal fashion size, so we start our sizing with female fashion sizing from 6 to 16 instead of XS - XL and ask you fit questions from there!

Why the Right Fit Matters – Beyond Looking Fabulous

A well-fitted kit isn't just about turning heads on your ride (though that's a definite bonus), it will make you more comfortable and definitely more aero (if that’s you thing ) All of our kit is designed to have a snug fit, but if you would prefer to have your jersey’s a bit looser, go up a size, and if you want your crop with so much hold you need to take half lung breaths, then go for it by sizing down. 

Now, as you embark on your cycling adventures, remember: size matters, and at Muze Women, we're here to make every ride a comfortable and stylish journey. Shop our kit here, read more about our fit hereand if you haven’t already,  sign up for 10% off your first purchase and other Muze news.


Til then … Happy Riding!


The Muze Team


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