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Finding the Perfect Women’s Summer Cycling Jersey: Not All Are Created Equal!

Finding the Perfect Women’s Summer Cycling Jersey: Not All Are Created Equal!

Choosing the right women's cycling jersey may seem like an easy task but there are a few things to consider so you avoid sweaty patches, smelly armpits, saggy arms, exposed midriffs and fashion faux pas. Here’s your go-to guide.

1. Go for Quality Material

Before diving into colours, and whether polka dots are still in vogue (hint: they always are), let's talk about the soul of your summer cycling jersey the material. When scouting for summer cycling jerseys, go for four-way stretch, breathable, anti-bacterial moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry as well as UPF protection to keep you sunburn free. Muze cycling jerseys are also made in Italy from 77 per cent recycled fibres, so they are also soft, flexible and have a lower impact on the environment.

2. A Fit That Celebrates You

Finding the right fit isn’t just about aerodynamics it's about catering for female curves. Gone are the days where you have to wear “unisex” stuff, your jersey should be form fitting to reduce drag but not so tight you can’t indulge in a post-ride croissant. The perfect mid-point between draping like your grandma's curtains and riding up to your waist like a crop top. Muze Women cycling jerseys are made to fit, flatter and stay put no matter your body shape with a V-neck, longer sleeves and beautiful prints on all the right bits

3. Avoid the breezy midriff with quality waist gripper

Cycling should be breeze in your hair, not a breeze across your midriff. Make sure your cycling jersey has good quality silicon gripper at the waist which holds nicely to your bib shorts. This will avoid the dreaded “sport the midriff” or "wrench down every five minutes" dilemma.

4. The Sleeve Saga: Short vs. Long for the Summer Sizzle

When it comes to summer cycling, do you bare or not bare those sun-kissed arms? On one hand, short sleeves scream, "Hello, summer glow!" perfect for those wanting to nurture a true cyclist tan. But then, the long-sleeved devotees swear that sleeve is a shield against unexpected chills and unsolicited UV. So, whether you're team "less is more" or a believer in the "long arm of allure," Muze Women has both in its arsenal.

5. Remember the extras

Pockets? Yes, please! We've got phones, keys, tubes and snack stashes to consider. A good cycling jersey will come with pockets that are easily accessible and don’t require double jointed shoulders to access. Each Muze Women cycling jersey also has a water-resistant zip up middle pocket to protect your phone, gel packs and random stuff you don’t need but take with you … just in case.

6. Patterns, Colours and Fashion matching

Let's face it, while function is fabulous, fashion is what makes our hearts flutter. Don’t just follow the herd, choose a design that screams "you", whether it’s a 1980s neon palette or a wild leopard print, remember confidence is the best accessory you can pair with any cycling jersey. And don’t forget to match an awesome pair of cycling bib shorts.

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 Til then … Happy Riding!


The Muze Team


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